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What is the ZUMI marketplace?
A step-by-step guide:
Step One
You place an order
You place your orders through the ZUMI App or with one of our sales agents in your market.
Step TWO
Order is confirmed and picked up
Orders are confirmed and picked up from one of our suppliers for delivery to you.
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Step Three
Order is delivered
ZUMI has partnered with reliable logistics partners who deliver to a pick-up point near you or straight to your shop.
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Step fOUR
You pay - and start selling
Pay on delivery using mobile money and start selling the goods - that's it!
Frequently Asked Questions
For Retailers
For Suppliers
What is ZUMI?

We are a business-to-business (B2B) online marketplace that connects suppliers and retailers to sell non-food products in a simple, transparent and efficient manner. In addition we provide easy access to credit for both customers and suppliers. 

Check out our marketplace on shop.zumi.africa
What products can I buy or sell on the platform?

We want to be the one-stop shop for any non-food categories, and are constantly expanding our product assortment. Today, you can buy and sell apparel, household goods and hardware products - be on the lookout for new categories at shop.zumi.africa!
Which locations are currently supported by ZUMI?

Our services are currently available in Kenya and will soon expand to all of East Africa - stay updated as we grow! We are present in more than 60 markets across Kenya, and headquartered in Nairobi.
Who is ZUMI built for?

ZUMI is built for retailers and suppliers of any non-food goods - whether you have a small corner shop and want goods delivered or run a big wholesale operation and want to increase your sales, ZUMI can help you!
Is my data safe with ZUMI?

Yes of course - we have strong data safety and security processes and protocols in place, and will never share your data with any third party unless you ask us to.
Who is the ZUMI team?

We have a fantastic team of more than 150 sales agents, logistics coordinators, supplier managers, engineers and management that are ready to support you. Our founders have helped build other marketplaces such as Amazon and Jumia, and between them have decades of experience from ecommerce. You can read more in the About Us section.
Do you have good prices?

The best in the market! We even work with our suppliers to run discounts, cashback campaigns and promotions. Not happy with your price? You can also use the bargaining feature in the app to see if the supplier is willing to sell at a lower price.
Which products do you sell?

As an online marketplace, we do not actually own any products ourselves. Instead, we partner with suppliers, who upload their entire stock on the marketplace for you to pick and choose what you want to buy. We now have over 8000 different products available on the platform, ranging from apparel and household goods to hardware products.

Don’t see the product you need? Let us know and we will find a supplier who sells it.
Do you have physical stores in the markets?

As an online marketplace we do not have traditional stores. Instead, we have pick-up points across most local markets where you can pick up any order you have made. 

Can’t find a pick-up point near you? Let us know at hello@zumi.africa or on our ecommerce site shop.zumi.africa
Can I buy goods on credit?

Yes! Once you become a customer with ZUMI, we keep a record of all purchases you make with us, and as we get to know each other, we have multiple partners who offer flexible credit terms on any product you buy.

Check in the app whether you are eligible for credit yet.
What kind of support is available for ZUMI retailers?

All our retailers have a dedicated sales lead that manages the relationship with you, and you can always reach out to them. We also have a customer support line for any inquires that can be reached by phone or whatsapp on +254 800 720 956
What if I'm not comfortable using a smartphone - or don’t have one?

Our technology is built to be as simple and intuitive as possible to use - try it! It is also supported by an agent sales force that will ensure we support you in getting your order placed through the app, on the phone, or directly with the agent.
What kind of support do ZUMI suppliers get from you?

We help you sell more online and grow your business. All our suppliers get a dedicated relationship manager that manages our partnership, creates business plans with you and sets sales targets. We also have a fast-growing sales force of agents around the country helping to push your goods and running marketing campaigns.
What’s the catch for me, how do you make money?

Using our technology, sales force, product knowledge and a dedicated relationship manager we help you grow and sell more, fast. In exchange, we charge a commission on all the extra sales we help you make. The commission is a percentage of the sales value and varies by product, typically about half of the profit you make.
How do payments to me work and how do you guarantee that I get my money?

Without our reputation and trustworthiness we are nothing. We understand that getting you paid for your sales is of the utmost importance. At the end of each day, all the sales we have made for you are summarized in a sales report and we pay you back the full amount minus our commission, through instant bank transfer.
What if I am onboarded as a supplier and don’t see an increase in sales? 

Our goal is to always drive sales growth, fast. If you are not happy with your increased sales however, you can always reach out to your relationship manager to set a plan for how we can help activate your account.
Do I have to log all my sales and transactions through you?

No, we only log the additional sales that we create. Many of our suppliers however choose to use our system for all their sales to get sales reports, recommendation insights, inventory management and many other benefits.
Are you a registered company?

Yes, we are officially registered in Kenya as WM ZUMI Limited with headquarters in Westlands, Nairobi. Our mother-company is incorporated in Delaware, USA
Success stories from our customers and partners
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"ZUMI provides me with credit that allows me to purchase more products. This in turn allows me to regularly make sales. I sell clothes, both online and at the shop."
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"ZUMI helps us save the time we would use to go for products in the wholesale market. We are able to order and receive products at our stalls and start selling immediately."
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"ZUMI has given us a digital platform that exposes us to multiple buyers. Before Covid, business went down, but after I joined ZUMI, I have been able to make much more sales."
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"I am one of ZUMI's earliest adopters. About 70% of my sales are through the platform. I am so happy with the service and have been able to triple my business."
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Customer Support
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Call: +254 800 720 956
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Email: hello@zumi.africa
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24/7/365 customer support
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