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What is the ZUMI marketplace?
A step-by-step guide:
Step One
You place an order
You place your orders through the ZUMI App or with one of our sales agents in your market.
Step TWO
Order is confirmed and picked up
Orders are confirmed and picked up from one of our suppliers for delivery to you.
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Step Three
Order is delivered
ZUMI has partnered with reliable logistics partners who deliver to a pick-up point near you or straight to your shop.
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Step fOUR
You pay - and start selling
Pay on delivery using mobile money and start selling the goods - that's it!
Frequently Asked Questions
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What is ZUMI?

What products can I buy or sell on the platform?

Which locations are currently supported by ZUMI?

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Is my data safe with ZUMI?

Who is the ZUMI team?

Success stories from our customers and partners
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"ZUMI provides me with credit that allows me to purchase more products. This in turn allows me to regularly make sales. I sell clothes, both online and at the shop."
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"ZUMI helps us save the time we would use to go for products in the wholesale market. We are able to order and receive products at our stalls and start selling immediately."
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"ZUMI has given us a digital platform that exposes us to multiple buyers. Before Covid, business went down, but after I joined ZUMI, I have been able to make much more sales."
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"I am one of ZUMI's earliest adopters. About 70% of my sales are through the platform. I am so happy with the service and have been able to triple my business."
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Customer Support
Questions or comments? We are here to give you all the support you need
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Call: +254 800 720 956
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Email: hello@zumi.africa
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24/7/365 customer support
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