To be Africa’s #1 destination for small retailers, empowering them with the online products and services they need to succeed.
What we are trying to change
Millions of traders in Africa do not have access to quality online commerce tools
Overpaying for Goods
Micro-retailers are stuckbuying small quantities from layers of middlemen
Can't Borrow Money
Retailers are unbanked and can't access working capital to grow
Wasting Time
Retailers wake up at 4am to restock at wholesale markets and arrange deliver
The values we live by
Customer First
We fight to earn and retain customers’ trust, maximizing the customer experience
Results Driven
We are tenacious and resilient in our pursuit of results
Build Trust
We build and retain trust with our customers, suppliers and team
We believe that we can only succeed together
Think Big
We are unafraid to push big, bold ideas forward
Act Fast
We believe in speed over perfection and constant iteration
Our leadership
Headshot of William McCarren
William McCarren, CEO
Ex. Amazon, Jumia
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Headshot of Mohamed Nuur
Mohamed Nuur, CTO
Ex. Amazon, SpaceX
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Headshot of Sabrina Dorman
Sabrina Dorman, CFO
Ex. Jumia, INSEAD
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Headshot of Eric Njogu
Eric Njogu, CCO
Ex. Coca Cola, Twiga
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Headshot of Tomas Rosales
Tomas Rosales, COO
Ex. BCG, private equity, HBS
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Our amazing team members!
Headshot of Martha Oluchina
Martha Oluchina
Head of Supplier Management
"No day is the same at ZUMI, every day we learn, grow, and build our business!"
Headshot of Fatuma Hersi
Fatuma Hersi
Head of Operations
"Being a part of ZUMI at this exciting point where we are growing into new categories and markets is great! Makes me proud to see how much we have achieved in such a short time!"
Headshot of Kenneth Kiarie
Kenneth Kiarie
Finance Controller
"Everyday chaos, never a dull moment. At ZUMI, growth is a guarantee!"
Headshot of Mary Claris
Mary Claris
Sales Team Lead
"Working for ZUMI is a great learning experience, I have greatly improved my leadership skills, going from being an agent to managing a team of eight!"
Headshot of Tracy Njeri
Tracy Njeri
Product Manager
"Working as a Product Manager at ZUMI puts me at the center of tech innovation in business, where I get to be a bridge between a very dedicated teams of techies and various groups of people, ranging from retailers, suppliers and the ZUMI team"
Headshot of John Irungu
John Irungu
Lead Software Engineer
"To have the opportunity to collaborate with a fantastic group of engineers to develop software products that influence the African retail market is a dream come true for me"
Some of
our investors