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Digitizing Commerce for Africa’s 100M Retailers
✔ In Africa, informal retail is king. Informal retailers account for 80% of jobs on the continent and generatean estimated $1 trillion in annual sales (Bloomberg, 2021).
✔ They are the backbone of the African economy and yet, they face such extreme Systemic challenges that they struggle to survive:
Fragmented supply chains
Retailers buy in small quantities from layers of middlemen.
Expensive logistics
Small scale ordering forces them to restock from wholesale markets everyday and spend a huge portion of income on logistics.
Can’t access working capital
Retailers are unbanked and do not have access to credit, so it's extremely difficult for them to break out of the vicious cycle of subsistence retail.
ZUMI is on a mission to digitize commerce for nonfood retailers in Africa. We’ve built a B2B marketplace that puts the power of ecommerce technology into the hands of informal retailers:
Our solutions for the retailers
Easy logistics
we take care of the delivery hassle, moving goods from suppliers to retailers through a network of trucks and pickup stations.
Financial inclusion
we leverage our order data to build a credit rating for retailers, which unlocks access to financial services for growth.
Mobile restocking
Retailers can source goods from suppliers with the click of a button.

we operate in A true marketplace model

ZUMI operates a two-sided marketplace model that connects suppliers (wholesalers/ importers) with retailers (small mom & pop shops).

How it works:

1. Suppliers list their products on ZUMI
2. Retailers place an order for the products they want
3. ZUMI delivers the order to the retailer
4. The retailer pays ZUMI on delivery via mobile money
5. ZUMI remits payment minus commission to the supplier.

Progressive African SMEs are moving to ZUMI!
With experience from SpaceX to Amazon, and Jumia to Twiga, ZUMI has the strongest founding team onthe continent to realize this ambitious vision.
Headshot of William McCarren
William McCarren, CEO
Ex. Amazon, Jumia
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Headshot of Mohamed Nuur
Mohamed Nuur, CTO
Ex. Amazon, SpaceX
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Headshot of Sabrina Dorman
Sabrina Dorman, CFO
Ex. Jumia, INSEAD
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Headshot of Eric Njogu
Eric Njogu, CCO
Ex. Coca Cola, Twiga
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Headshot of Tomas Rosales
Tomas Rosales, COO
Ex. BCG, private equity, HBS
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